More to come, but for now….

Joel Taylor: Founder.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. C.A. Wilson said:

    I am so glad you are doing this. New Calvinism is taking our churches and congregants do not see it coming. It is amazing how much popularity this movement has.

  2. Victor Arteaga said:

    Paul, you must talk a little bit more about what is happening with the Presbyterian churches, they are falling down very fast…their main scholar center, Redeemer Seminary (Ex-Westminster Seminary at Dallas, TX).

  3. paulspassingthoughts said:


    Will do. Sonship theology/Gospel Sanctification/New Calvinism has been eating away at the Presbyterian church since 1983. Unfortunately, they want to talk about it and keep friends and not practice the biblical prescription to destroy false teaching: SEPARATION. I think the theme for the inaugural TCANC conference might be “A Call to Separation.” In the minds of the sheep, who by the way pay the bills, “How dangerous could this doctrine be if these guys all hang out together?” Separation to keep error from “leavening” the whole church is a dominate theme throughout the Scriptures.


  4. Trying to understand this blog. The founder listed above, Joel Taylor, has on his blog that he espouses the doctrines of grace, which is a phrase often associated with Calivinistic teachings in a baptistic context.

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